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One-Stop-Shop. A simple and safe method.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for 24/7 production and have a need to quickly get details in plastic or metal. With the latest materials and technologies in 3D printing, we can provide the fastest possible way to get details.

If you do not really know what the detail looks like or constructed, we can help with our experience of design, taking into account, among other things, the volumes you need.

Is not 3D printing the obvious option, we are your sounding board for how other manufacturing methods solve the need. We offer manufacturing with silicone tools, prototype tools, rotary casting, shock wax casting, sand casting, precision casting and machining. We transform your problems into opportunities.

Advantages for fast, easy and safe business.


Almost nothing is impossible for us. We have the latest 3D printers and have a variety of many different technologies. Our product development experience enables us to provide the best possible manufacturing technology for your specifics.

Easy to reach us

Call us or send your request / files directly to our production

We always take care of you and provide the best possible service.

24/7 production

We have trained staff who run our 3D printers around the clock


We work in the ERP System Monitor which gives us full traceability throughout our flow.

Short delivery times

We make sure to find the fastest solution for you as a customer to get your details in the shortest possible time. One-piece details: 1-3 working days. Silicone tools, prototype tools and machining: 10-40 days.


We maintain, review improvements, and train our staff all the time to improve. For example, we can offer 3D scanning to control complex details

Quick quotes

Simple details should always be offered within four hours. More complex details are offered fastest possible.


We want our customers to feel we are a supplier to rely on and who keep what we promise. If you are a new customer, lock us prove it.

Delivery Guarantees

We will ALWAYS ship when we say we deliver

Customer References

We have many big companies in our portfolio and are constantly working to help new ones so that we are constantly evolving. Read some of our customer stories here.

Our prices

You as a customer can always choose different options for the best possible prices and guarantees through our Silver or Bronze business dealings.

At larger volumes we offer the best possible terms


We became the business of the year in 2015 and have been featured in many newspapers over the years. Dagens Industri, Ny Teknik, Plastforum, VLT, Automation, Polymervärlden,
Uppfinnaren and konstruktören, Affärsresenären and many others.

Quality and environment

Our environmental work

We are mildew about the environment and have therefore carried out a comprehensive environmental work based on ISO 14000 that covers the entire company. Based on an environmental perspective, we have created routines and action plans for our entire production, from ordering materials to final product to customer. Some post-processing such as removal of support materials, lacquering, etc. includes chemicals that require special handling of our personnel. Our environmental work is ongoing.

Our quality work

Our main success factor is satisfied customers. We must constantly work to get better. That’s why we are doing a comprehensive quality work based on ISO 9001, so we can make sure we work properly.

High demands on IT security

Our customers place high demands on how we handle their files and that we have a secure computer environment against intrusion. We also demand that we have high availability in our operating environment so that we can always be reached when it is in a hurry.

Therefore, we have carefully chosen Invid as a partner to fulfill a bank-based security that many of our customers demand. To enable this we have our own fiber from Invid to us, which means we are behind their firewalls. Invid has full control over our servers, software, protection and backup every day. Invid’s server hall is also fully UPS-protected against any power outages.

Company of the Year 2015

Digital Mechanics was named this year’s entrepreneurs in Västerås in 2015. They qualified for the final in the national award “Company of the Year”, organized by Entrepreneurs.

Juryn’s motivation: Västerås has a proud history of innovative and successful technology companies. Among these, Digital Mechanics takes a clear place with its flexible and innovative freeform technology. In an industry that grows very quickly, they are already one of Sweden’s leading companies. They are ahead of their customers’ needs and can quickly deliver both solutions and products.

Fredrik Finnberg och Anders Sjöberg på Digital Mechanics är glada och stolta pristagare! Foto: Henrik Mill.

A safe partner

The important thing for safe business is that we constantly deliver what our customers expect and that we always take the responsibility we can take in each store. You should also feel that you have a problem-solving supplier who always wants to be at the forefront, surprise with news, spread the latest in our industry and give back knowledge.

In order to succeed, we must constantly improve our equipment, train our staff, streamline our flows, collaborate with the right suppliers, and with traceability, make sure everything has gone as we have agreed.

Our business models bronze and silver


After listening to our customers to make the deal as simple and good as possible, we have designed two business models: silver and bronze.


The business models are designed to make the purchase of 3D printing fast, simple and at a fixed price per cubic centimeter. For larger numbers, volume discounts are also given.


The advantage for you is that you get the right quality at a known price and that you can judge what your retail costs directly based on the volume of your 3D CAD program.

Bronze model

The bronze model is the entry model that suits all customers. Consists of set-up cost per order and then a fixed cubic centimeter price for smaller volumes and a fixed, discounted price for larger volumes.

Silver model

The silver model fits customers with more frequent needs and adds more than twenty orders a year. A yearly fee to drop standby costs on standard materials, then 20-25% lower price of smaller volumes and 20-25% lower prices for larger volumes when volume discounts also occur.

How do we create safety?
  • Our back office: takes care of all ongoing requests / orders and determines the resources needed.
  • Our systems handle incoming files so that they are saved to customer, audited, converted and quality controlled. If you do not meet our quality requirements, you will hear from us. All in order to avoid problems for both of us.
  • Files you send are stored and handled with the same security as a bank.
  • We track our deliveries and send an email with package ID so you can track your package and make sure delivery is on time.
  • If something does not go according to plan, a responsible seller or back office will immediately return to you and inform you about solutions.
  • Our systems allow you to log what you bought last, what technique, how it was manufactured and who handled it.
  • In larger projects, a project manager is always appointed to make reconciliation so that we have the same goals and plans for delivery.

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