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Rapid Production gives you many advantages

We deliver fast prototypes and details that, along with our technical support, provide you the highest quality possible. We can offer over thirty different plastic moldings and various metal alloys with the latest free molding techniques.

Real heart, snabb 3d produktion, digital mechanics

Heart in aluminum. 3D print with SL technology. A prototype was built from a CAD drawing with very complex geometries.

snabb 3d-produktion, kamera ABS m30

Camera house in gray ABS M30, built with FDM technology and painted.

snabb 3d-produktion, Joystick

PUR Joystick. Made with silicone tool. Produced in smaller series, 50-100 pcs / year.

snabb 3d-produktion, formsprutad detalj

Molded detail. Made of PP with prototype tool in aluminum or steel. Manufactured in smaller series, 500-1000 pcs.

snabb 3d-produktion, maskinbearbetad transparanet mässdetalj

Machine-made transparent brass detail. Made in PMMA that has been polished.

snabb 3d-produktion, härdplastmaterial, digital mechanics

Shrimp in various thermosetting materials. 3D printed with Polyjet technology. The detail was printed in different materials at the same time to appear as a work of art.

Benefits of 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)


Almost nothing is impossible for us. We have the latest 3D printers and have a variety of many different technologies. Our product development experience enables us to provide the best possible manufacturing technology for your specifics.

24/7 production

We run our 3D printers both evenings and weekends.


For 3D printing, we have the latest materials. We can drive both hard, soft and multiple materials in one and the same detail. For casting, PUR details, tools and machining we offer the material you want.


Today we have 13 3D printers with the technologies FDM, Polyjet, MJF in production. Metal printing, machining, SLS, SLA, prototype tools and silicone tools are taken from carefully selected suppliers.


After years of experience of how 3D printers are built and what can be done, our engineering department can help design / design details for the best possible

Fast deliveries

We have different options for the fastest possible delivery. Quotations are sent as soon as possible. The fastest way is to let our back office and technical salesman take care of it.

Problem solving

If you have a problem about how to manufacture your item or have a detail you do not know about how to construct. Then book a meeting with us and we will help.

Technical knowledge

Through our long experience of 3D printing and that we have always had construction in the company, we have built up a high level of technical expertise. Everyone in the company is technically interested and wants to learn new things all the time. We have our own development to improve our machines and our own service programs for the best possible operation. Our production staff are trained to drive non-structural parts to the aviation industry.

Opportunities with 3D technology

Additive production (3D printing) is a manufacturing method that enables almost anything to be manufactured. As a designer, you get great freedom in the creation of details.

The more complex the detail, the more cost effective is 3D printing compared to traditional methods. The biggest difference is whether or not the design is adapted for just 3D printing. With multiple machines it is possible to manufacture details in a very short time.

Easy to test and experiment

By submitting a CAD drawing on a detail to us at, you can ask your questions and quickly get our comments. The technology enables you to get a detail in a short period of time to evaluate, test and assemble. You can see and design the design or make an assessment of how the detail behaves against serial process / material.

Additive manufacturing also allows you to quickly change and retrieve a new detail. With our experience, we can help choose the right 3D printing technology and best materials for the most effective product development.

We can help you with engineering

Do you have an idea of ​​how a detail should be made with 3D printing? Or problems or challenges and does not make it work properly? We help your ideas to become reality.

We can offer a quick construction effort with a fixed price. We have extensive experience in various applications where 3D printing is useful. We also have long experience in designing / constructing details with the right quality at the lowest possible price.

Want to know more about 3D technology possibilities, or to test and experiment with your drawings or just discuss a solution to your idea?
Fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Opportunities with a wide machine park and many different materials

Since 2005, we have expanded and invested in machines to continuously expand our capacity. This allows us to quickly deliver large projects in a short period of time. To become a comprehensive “digital factory” we have created partnerships with foreign partners so that our customers only need a supplier.

We can offer over thirty different plastic moldings and various metal alloys with the latest free molding techniques.