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Production Optimization - An Innovative technique to increase production effectiveness.

Here we go deeper and look at how we can streamline flows, processes, assemblies, tools or products with 3D printing. Everything to create efficiency so that your resources are used optimally. We can help you save both time and money.

We can production optimization

Process optimization with 3D printing

When 3D printing is up to date, we agree to the problem and requirement specification for the item. We then choose the right additive technology and materials that meet the requirements. In most cases, it’s our big FDM method that we use, as these materials stay fit over time, resist abrasion, cope with temperature, age, and are approved to meet most of the environmental requirements required in production.

Process optimization without 3D printing

When 3D printing is not current, we will investigate which tool method or serial method is the most cost-effective, depending on manufacturing volumes. Is not 3D printing the obvious option, we are your sound board for how other manufacturing methods solve the need. We transform your problems into opportunities. We can of course offer 24/7 production for other manufacturing methods as well.


If you do not really know what the detail looks like or constructed, we can help with our experience of design, taking into account, among other things, the volumes you need.

Advantages of production optimization


Do you want to streamline in production? We have the latest 3D printers and a wide range in many different manufacturing techniques. Our experience in production means that we can quickly help get smart details.

24/7 production

To get started as soon as possible or to cover an emergency spare part, you can use our 3D printers both evenings and weekends.


We can design and develop smart production tools for the most efficient production. It could be a jig, fixture, tool or gripper / gripper fingers. What matters to us is that we find the optimal benefit.


A project with engineering and problem solving is usually carried out with a fixed estimated price. The 3D printed details buy you at our competitive standard prices.


In production, there is always a hunt for efficiency and time saving! 3D printing is perfect as it is possible to manufacture almost any detail. With our experience of various applications and materials, we can together achieve the best opportunities to save time and costs.

Short delivery time

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing. As soon as a detail is complete, the production will start. A production aid or tool that has never been available can be delivered within 1-3 weeks.


Please book a meeting with us so we can look at the possibilities you have.