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What requirements do 3D production make?

How do 3D printing and 3D production work optimally for industrial use? There are many questions to be answered before getting there: Which, or which, printer do we need for our needs? What materials should we build in? How should the production and working environment be designed? Which processes and flows work best? How is availability and reliability? How does the total cost image look?

We can help you get answers to most questions.

Let's do a preliminary study

If you plan to buy your first (or more) 3D printer, we can help you get started. The preliminary study includes visits to our production where we review needs / utilities / applications, process engineer / machine manufacturer, manufacturing quality, production environment, availability / reliability and you also get a total cost analysis.

We have over 10 years of 3D printing experience, so we can share all the tricks and traps available! Contact us for more information.

Printer Performance Upgrade

We have operated and serviced 3D printers for 10 years. During that time we have developed our own maintenance programs that really trim production. No matter what printer you have, we can guarantee you better performance after upgrading it! Contact us for more information.