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Knowledge Center

Thanks to our breadth and ambition to be one of the best digital factories in the world, we can offer a variety of technologies and materials. Everything to get what you need when you need it. Here you can read about our different manufacturing techniques and materials.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

3D printing is a manufacturing process where plastic or metal materials are laid out in thin layers in layers of stock (therefore the technology is also called additive manufacturing). It is a model material and a support material that is laid out in storage layers based on a cut 3D CAD model. The file format is usually STL.

The most common materials are in liquid or powder form. The manufacturing process makes it possible to manufacture very complex details as the support material can be washed or cleaned afterwards. The layer thickness or layer thickness varies depending on materials and technology. There are many different manufacturers of machines and materials that have their own technique for building in 3D. Regular series sizes are 1-100 depending on size and time. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Prototyping Tools

We offer the manufacture of injection molded details that are made with insert tools in a parent frame.

The tools are either made of aluminum or uncured steel. We can provide details in all kinds of polymers (plastics). We can also provide tools for 2K details. Max shot in the tools is around 50,000 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Lost-wax casting

For casting smaller series in Al, Mg, Zn and Bronze. First, a polystyrene master is taken with additive manufacturing. Then it is poured into the plaster. The plaster is heated and the mast is melted out. Now the metal can be poured in. The usual series sizes are 3-10 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Precision Casting

We produce uncured steel tools for molding metal parts. The technology makes it possible to get nice tolerances and surfaces. The metals we found in are steel, aluminum and zinc. Normal serial size is 100-1000 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Silicone Tools

We offer soft card series tools for the production of hard, soft and 2K details in PUR (polyurethane). First, a master is produced, which is then cast into silicone. This will be the tool. A tool cavity can handle up to 15-20 details. The details can be colored and painted to look like upcoming series details. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Rotational Molding

This is a prototype molding method that is best suited for containers (tanks) of different types. The tools are made from molded plates. The tool is then heated and rotates in all directions. A plastic (PE or PP) is melted and rotates around the tool, which is then cured by the tools cooling down. You can also cast metal parts into the plastic parts. Suitable series sizes are 1-30 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.

Sand Casting

Paints and tools are made with additive fabrication in sand or plastic. Then, sand molds are made into which the metal is cast. The materials we found in are cast iron, aluminum and various iron alloys. Regular series sizes are 10-80 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.


We process, mill or answer details in the most common metals and plastics. Usually 5-axis machines are used. Normal series sizes are 3-100 pcs. Please contact us to find delivery time.