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Environment & Quality

As a supplier of plastic and metal prototypes, castings and gypsum composite details, we consider it a matter of course to chart, set up routines and create action plans to see how we can make the least impact on our environment.


In order to achieve our environmental goals, we have done a comprehensive survey of our entire production, from delivery of material to complete details sent to our customers. This mapping describes the protective equipment our employees should have, how each individual material should be handled and recycled, how empty cartridges should be disposed of and how residues of hazardous waste and solvents are handled and recycled.


We ship approx. 3000 packages per year, and it clearly places great demands on us to pack each box as efficiently as possible and ship with the most cost effective option. We always strive to choose the most environmentally friendly option and environmental compensation where we can.


We are constantly updating our guidance documents on the management of hazardous waste, burrs, etc. We are also working to find alternatives to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. To train our staff on how to deal with plastics, liquids and hazardous waste is ongoing and all new products that we take into production are mapped and documented.


As a customer, we would like you to recycle your products when you no longer use them.

Plastic Parts

Recycling for hard plastic

Metal parts

Recycling for resp. metal

Styrofoam & Pack puffs

Recycling for Styrofoam

Gypsum composites

Recycling for plaster


Recycling for corrugated board

Bubble Wrap

Recycling for soft plastic


We continue to strive to find better solutions for our environment in all areas, both handling plastics, machinery, supplies and of course the working environment for our employees. If you as a customer have an idea of how we can be even better at taking care of our environment, do not hesitate to contact us!