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Real Heart

Doctor Azad Najar and his outstanding invention, TAH (Total Artificial Heart), a whole mechanical heart, is one of Digital Mechanics first missions. We started working together already in 2007. Azad’s mechanical heart is as strange as a fantastic project that can save lives on thousands of people suffering from advanced heart failure

Azad Najar, Chief Physician, Founder and CTO in Scandinavian Real Heart.

– I started writing and sketching on a mechanical heart in 1999, so it’s time for me to reach this place,” says doctor Azad Najar. The development work with “Real Heart” as the heart is called, is now in the preclinical phase. “Many factors must work together just the same as in a biological heart. Now we are so long in the development work, including through preclinical tests on animals, that we know that our mechanical heart can work in the same way as a biological heart. “Our bodies are used to some flow and pressure patterns in the blood,” says Azad. For example, kidneys are addicted to special blood pressure changes to produce urine, and lungs depend on the correct pressure for the blood to flow properly to the heart. If the pressure is too high in the lung vein, as it may be in patients with heart failure, fluid is formed in the lungs. Our mechanical heart works as a healthy biological heart, so that the body’s organs can continue to feel good. – Real Heart is something bigger than a healthy biological heart. It should be operated into the area where the biological heart has been sitting. Everything also indicates that it will work in tissue so that the body will accept the new mechanical heart. “Now we are in the preclinical phase. The certification-

work is very important and will take another couple of years. Our goal is that the heart can be operated into people in 2017-2018. Then it may take another two to three years until the heart can begin to be used commercially in the care. “Building a heart chamber, atrium and other complicated forms would have been difficult and very expensive with traditional manufacturing methods. Digital Mechanics Future Factory with 3D Printing has given us the opportunity to search, modify, fine-tune and produce our prototypes. I and Fredrik Finnberg have been working closely together since 2007, as an inventor and designer. Their technical know-how, responsiveness, ability to understand the product, adapt and participate in the development work is very valuable. “I’ve taken over more work on Digital Mechanics during the project,” Azad said. They are part of the development team with me and the other professors and engineers. Digital Mechanics also does the assembly work. The entire work flows very efficiently with such a competent and complete provider, to get help with virtually anything from one place. Now we have a couple of exciting years ahead of us, until a complete heart and tests on people.

“Real Heart is a very interesting mission. During the process we have become a partner that can help with virtually everything Azad Najar needs to realize his inventive – a One Stop Shop”
Fredrik Finnberg, Digital Mechanics

“With our fast 3D technology, we have been able to construct some details like a Thursday afternoon, and then print so that Azad could mount the following day. It had never been possible with traditional manufacturing methods.”
Dennis Alderstrand, Digital Mechanics