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Indigo 3000R.

We are delivering 3D-printed details to many extremely interesting projects. The latest in the line is vB Automotive in Västra Götaland. In 2017, they will deliver their further developed GT Roadster Indigo 3000R to their first customers. The order book is well stocked!

Frank Bergqvist has the dream job! CEO of the production of Sweden’s new sports car.

How many Swedish car manufacturers are there? Many would probably answer one or maybe two. Now there is a third-vB Automotive. And we at Digital Mechanics are proud to be part of the project.

– Making a custom sports car is an old dream that I had as it is now fulfilling, “says Frank Bergqvist, CEO of vB Automotive in Skene between Varberg and Borås. 3000R is a further development of the Indigo 3000 sports car and is a GT Roadster with a Swedish-made 6-cylinder double-turbo engine of +300 hkr.

– Cars include many materials – steel, aluminum, rubber, textiles, leather, various plastics and composite materials, all of which have to be handled differently during manufacture, Frank says. We manufacture many of the metal parts ourselves, but need help with parts of plastic and composite materials. A tool for making a plastic item can cost up to 100,000 kr. It would be too expensive for parts in small series of 20-30 pieces.

– We realized that 3D printing was a possible solution, a fast and economical method for prototypes and some parts of the car. I searched the web and found a retailer in Stockholm that manufactures 3D equipment, they recommended Digital Mechanics in Västerås.

– I called and talked to Anders Sjöberg and sent a CAD drawing asking for lamp shades for the headlights. Anders said that “There is no problem we can deliver in three days”. DM made a couple of prototypes on the lamp sarge based on our drawing. The dialogue was ongoing and when the prototype is refined and ready, DM’s subcontractors can produce a series of 20 pairs of lamp arrays, with short delivery time and very high quality.

– Digital Mechanics is a good future contact for us. They are knowledgeable about materials and process engineers and contribute ideas and alternative solutions. Now we are looking at, among other things, the instrument housing for 3000R, where speedometer and other instruments are sitting, “says Frank. DM scans our prototype and makes a drawing as a basis for 3D printing or possibly vacuum cast parts of silicone tools.

– It’s very exciting to be part of the sports car industry and to produce a whole Swedish open GT carriage. We are looking forward to more cooperation with Digital Mechanics and by 2017 getting started delivering our first Indigo 3000R to a dozen customers, many of whom have already ordered their cars.

3D printing, an excellent technique for details like lamp arrays and instrument houses.

“When I got in touch with Frank, I immediately realized that the mission was just right for us. In addition, I like cars! We like to solve problems all the way from sketch to finished product with our 3D CAD modeling and right manufacturing method. 3D printing in small series with the highest quality, with us or with our partners for complete solutions. That’s what we call 3D production with brains! “

Anders Sjöberg, Digital Mechanics