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Göteborgs City in 3D.

In the autumn of 2015, the Stadsbyggnadskontoret in Gothenburg had to develop a physical model showing how the central city will be built in the next twenty years. The premier show was to be held at the Mipim Real Estate Fair in Cannes in March 2016.

Picture: David Kiss, Project Manager Göteborgs Stadsbyggnadskontor.

– We decided for a 3D print model, instead of doing it by hand, says David Kiss, Project Manager at the City Building Office. After having had contact with any potential suppliers, we chose Digital Mechanics in Västerås. The cooperation has worked very smoothly and well. We received partial drawings and 3D models from architects, and in part we have created many volumes themselves on how the new areas could look. When our team of 3D specialists, geo- and data strategists had compiled and processed the material, we left it to Digital Mechanics. They adapted and prepared everything for 3D printing. Large amounts of material went between us and sued in one couple of months before everything was ready for printing. The model was premiered as planned in Cannes, showing how central Gothenburg looks like, and the three stage developments planned for the years 2021, 2028 and 2035. The existing cityscape is white.

The three new stages have a different color, so you can see what will be built and in which stage The buildings are not exact in detail, but show what development opportunities are available. “We show the model in many contexts, for the public and various stakeholders and investors at trade fairs,” says David. It is 2X2 meters, divided into 64 plates of 25X25 cm, making it easy to pack up and down and ship between different fairs. “The cooperation with Digital Mechanics has worked very well. They are professional, fast, accommodating and have really delivered what we requested, says David. The model took place during a certain period of time to the Cannes fair, but it was still correct. When the model does not tour around at various events, it is at the Stadsbyggnadskontor in Gothenburg. This is the first thing you see when you get to the office. “Interest is very big,” said David. Many visitors will be standing for a long time before the model and want to see how Göteborg will look in twenty years, even if they come to us in completely different cases.

“I adapted the entire surface so that it became 3D printable. The cooperation worked very well and the project went well despite the fact that it was little time-consuming.”
Jenny Keisu, Digital Mechanics