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a-JAYS Four+

“We are trying to create the best possible user experience.”

That says Daniel Andersson, Chief Designer at JAYS AB in Stockholm. Good sound and user experiences are more important than ever since more and more people listen to music, speech books, radio, podcasts and watch movies in their smartphone. Do you have really good sound in your own naps? If so, you might have a couple of Jays. We at Digital Mechanics are proud to have produced prototypes for Jay’s different types of award winning headphones for almost 9 years.

Daniel Andersson
Chief Designer at JAYS AB in Stockholm

– Jays started just over ten years ago, says chief designer Daniel Andersson. We needed an early partner to help us produce prototypes locally, and found Digital Mechanics.

– When we develop a product, we start by making a competitor and market analysis. Based on it, we develop ideas, then sketches and 3D models in CAD programs, says Daniel. But seeing a headphone on a 24 “screen is something different than holding it in the hand at a scale of 1: 1. In order to do form studies and evaluate ergonomics, fit, mechanics, assembly and acoustics, it is absolutely necessary to make prototypes on the right scale and as detailed as possible.

– We test ourselves in many iterations with the prototypes, evaluate the appearance, fit in the ears, fine tune in CAD and DM make new prototypes. Sometimes they make a small series of prototypes, so we can also test acoustic solutions with different types of filters, vent ports, different sharing frequencies on the speakers, etc.

– Headphones are acoustically speaking quite similar to a conventional speaker system, but they must be so much smaller because it should be in the ear. DM’s technology works very well for such little details, says Daniel.

With their printers, we reach down to 0.014 mm layer thickness. It gives great precision and works very well even for the acoustic prototypes with small speakers and other things inside the headphones.

– We use DM for several different items depending on the product. DM printed for example Early out our tangle free, flat cable prototypes for us in a combination of two materials so we got a feel for how they felt and worked. For larger headphones, prototypes have played a major role in solving mechanical problems, as well as finding the right fit and ergonomics on the headband. When a project has gone through the entire design process and is optimized, we start the manufacturing of our contract manufacturers in Asia.

– With Digital Mechanics it’s very easy to get the prototypes we need. They get our CAD file and we’ll get back prototypes from them within a couple of days. Developing prototypes so quickly helps us to shorten the development time of our projects significantly. The cooperation with Digital Mechanics has worked very well for almost 9 years now, and we have several interesting projects going on in the future.

Digital Mechanics has made acoustic PolyJet prototypes for q-JAYS.

“It is a good development for us to work towards expanding industry as the headphone industry today. Especially when we can participate and deliver products/services that streamline and allows the customer to be at the forefront. It’s also very fun that Jays started here in Västerås and has since come out on the global market.”

Anders Sjöberg, Digital Mechanics