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With 3TEMP all the way, from prototype to assembled and finished product.

3TEMP in Arvika, manufactures coffee machines for the world market with partners in 15 countries and so far the sales rate rolls fast. The products are marketed at specialty coffee fairs around the world and attract the most discerning team, such as daMatteo in Gothenburg, Löfberg’s flagship on Stureplan, Bonanza in Berlin and several famous coffee shops in New York.

Patrik Stridsberg, CEO at 3TEMP.

– Everything must keep top quality throughout the process, from the beans and roasting, to the freshly brewed coffee in the cup at the café. Therefore, we are also working with the best suppliers for parts of our coffee machines, which are now available around the world. That is why we chose Digital Mechanics, “says Peter Larsson, Project Manager at 3TEMP. “The assignment began with Digital Mechanics to manufacture parts for our new coffee machine Hipster and two more machines with 3D printing,” says Peter. Digital Mechanics received 3D drawings of us as the basis for which they were programmed for printing. It became a further level of mission when they also designed and printed the fixtures used to mount the printed items to the coffee machines. “There are many companies like 3D printing, but Digital Mechanics has the entire chain from prototype manufacturing, tool manufacturing and assembly to assembly,” said Peter.

They are a complete supplier and understand the whole of our business. We speak the same language and together we can trim and optimize all stages of the process and aim for 0 vision in error. Dennis Aldestrand is a designer at Digital Mechanics. “3D printing is very flexible, as a designer and programmer, I can think differently and more freely because I do not have the limitations available when milling solids details,” says Dennis. We can mend our cooperation with our customers by prints parts of their products and design and print assembly equipment. This way we can also assemble the parts we print, and deliver essentially complete products. “This way of working means that we at 3TEMP can concentrate on finalizing and finalizing with us in Arvika,” says Peter Larsson. It saves a lot of time and reduces our costs. Digital Mechanics are knowledgeable, responsive and delivery safe. We appreciate the fine cooperation and are already looking at new assignments with them.

“3D-proof mounting tools increase efficiency and provide better ergonomics with lower weight and fewer mounting moments. A great advantage is also that a mounting line can be set up quickly with smart 3D-printed aids. That’s what we call 3D production with brains. “
Dennis Aldestrand, Digital Mechanics

In addition to manufacturing 3D-printed parts for various 3TEMP coffee machines, we also designed and printed fixtures to finally assemble the printed details.

A smart 3D-printed palette fixture in the ABS with FDM technology makes it possible to mount a detail from two directions.