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Customer cases

Below you can read some of our customer cases.

Customer case: Scania

It costs billions, and takes 10-15 years to develop a new generation of trucks. At Digital Mechanics we are happy and proud to have delivered more than 100 prototype parts to Scania’s New Truck Generation, which was launched in the autumn of 2016.

Customer case: JAYS

“We are trying to create the best possible user experience.”
Says Daniel Andersson, Chief Designer at JAYS AB in Stockholm.

Do you have really good sound in your own headphones? If so, you might have a couple of Jays. We at Digital Mechanics are proud to have produced prototypes for Jay’s different types of award winning headphones for almost 9 years.

Customer case: Indigo 3000R.

How many Swedish car manufacturers are there? Many would probably answer one or maybe two. Now there is a third-vB Automotive. And we at Digital Mechanics are proud to be part of the project.

Customer case: Real Heart

Doctor Azad Najar and his outstanding invention, TAH (Total Artificial Heart), a whole mechanical heart, is one of Digital Mechanics first missions. We started working together already in 2007. Azad’s mechanical heart is as strange as a fantastic project that can save lives on thousands of people suffering from advanced heart failure.

Customer case: SmartShake

Mikael Bergström trained a lot and thought it was unnecessary to bring food supplements in bags and cans to work, the gym and out on the trail in the woods. This should be solved in an easier way. Perhaps a shaker with room for both fluid and supplements?

Digital Mechanics quickly worked out my drawings. 3D prints were quite unknown in 2009, they used to be early in the technology and helped with material choices and some technical points of view that the prototype would be as similar to my drawings as possible. It took only a few days to produce a prototype. It got right right. SmartShake consists of seven different parts, so precision in printouts required that the components fit into a working product”, says Mikael Bergström.

Customer case: Göteborgs stad

In the autumn of 2015, the Stadsbyggnadskontoret in Gothenburg had to develop a physical model showing how the central city will be built in the next twenty years. The premier show was to be held at the Mipim Real Estate Fair in Cannes in March 2016.

“We decided for a 3D-printed model, instead of doing it by hand,” says David Kiss, Project Manager at the City Building Office. “Having contacted some potential suppliers, we chose Digital Mechanics in Västerås. The cooperation has worked very smoothly and well. ”

“Interest is very big,” said David. “Many visitors will be standing for a long time before the model and want to see how Gothenburg will look in twenty years, even if they come to us in completely different cases.”

Customer case: 3TEMP

3TEMP in Arvika, manufactures coffee machines for the world market with partners in 15 countries and so far the sales rate rolls fast. The products are marketed at specialty coffee fairs around the world and attract the most discerning team, such as daMatteo in Gothenburg, Löfberg’s flagship on Stureplan, Bonanza in Berlin and several famous coffee shops in New York.

“Everything has to keep top quality throughout the process, from the beans and roasting, to the freshly brewed coffee in the cup at the café. Therefore, we are also working with the best suppliers for parts of our coffee machines, which are now available around the world. That’s why we chose Digital Mechanics, “says Peter Larsson, Project Manager at 3TEMP.