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The success story behind Digital Mechanics

“We can do this better!”

In 2004, the owners Anders and Fredrik met in a technical project where a prototype was quickly needed – the interest in 3D technology and its possibilities was born. At a major technical fair they both saw a 3D printer from the Stratasys FDM technology. They started exploring the market and brought in prices and technical information. They realized that more knowledge was necessary about how the different technologies worked. Prices also varied a lot and it was difficult to know which technology was most affordable for their needs. After the first meeting, they both realized that there is much to do better to offer new, interesting manufacturing techniques easier to industrial companies.

Revolutionary business model

The couple made a thorough analysis with prospective customers and arrived at a new business model with speed, simplicity and focus on the right quality at the right price. The result was a business model where the red thread was that the customer received a price per cubic centimeter. Then customers could immediately see what the item cost in its CAD model.

Three months have become 10 years

September 1, 2005, they founded Digital Mechanics Sweden AB in Teknikbyn in Västerås. At startup they had a FDM machine and were able to offer their customers 3D-printed details in the ABS. Everything was well prepared and they broke out and tried the new business model. They agreed to give the company and the new business idea 3 months.

The business model worked!

The market response was very positive. The proof that they thought correctly came then presented the business model of a large global company that would sign contracts directly. Their new big customer realized that it would be much easier when they could see the price in advance when purchasing 3D-printed details. They also gained better control of how much they buy and get the same price on, for example, a detail that is slightly adjusted and then needs to be printed again. Anders and Fredrik also became their technical sounding board in the production of prototypes and small series, something that was very valuable.

More 3D printers, more materials and technologies gave more opportunities

The deals went better than they both hoped for and they saw direct expansion opportunities and a bright future. The company moved from the technology village to its own premises and soon bought machine number two; even a FDM printer. A month later, they invested in a Polyjet printer that enabled the company to deliver even more widths and produce very nice details that were especially sought after by designers.

The rate of investment then increased annually. The next major breakthrough for a new market was when the company was one of the first to invest Polyjet printers that were able to provide details in both soft, hard and multiple materials at the same time. This was a brand new technique that consolidated Digital Mechanics’ position as a market leader.

The expansion continues

Today, the company is still growing and has more and more large customers. Digital Mechanics has also been exporting and is seen as a major player in international contexts. They have the largest capacity of FDM technology in Sweden and, with their breadth, technical expertise and their partners, are a fully developed one-stop shop for the production of complex details in more than 30 different materials.

What we offer

Rapid prototype production

We offer free-form details with extremely high surface finish and detail. In total, we have over 30 different material combinations – from rubber to hard materials. All models can be delivered complete with the post-processing you want – grinded, lacquered, threaded or threaded assemblies.

Serial manufacturing in plastic and metal

Want to get out of the market as quickly as possible without having to wait for molds? With our additive FDM technology for plastic or sintering technology in metal, we can manufacture serial details. In some short series, you can even completely unload molding tools. DDM is profitable for you with relatively small and complex details with a production volume of up to about 1,000 units. By developing an alternative cost estimate, you can easily compare the cost of DDM production with a traditional tool investment.

Metal Castings

We will help you develop prototype castings in Al, Mg and Zn alloys. The technology is based on the fact that a free-form master in wax and styrene is baked into the plaster and then melted out. This is a very good method for quality assuring a castings before ordering an expensive molded tool. Another big advantage is that we can basically cast out how complex details are without kernels.


Silicone tool or steel tool? It depends entirely on your requirements. In the case of silicone tools, a free-form, high-finish finisher is first created, depending on the requirements. Then the mast is cast into silicone which becomes the tool. Silicone tools, or vacuum casting, as it is also called, is a cost-effective manufacturing method of details in series up to about 25 units.

Quality and environment

Our environmental work

We are mildew about the environment and have therefore carried out a comprehensive environmental work based on ISO 14000 that covers the entire company. Based on an environmental perspective, we have created routines and action plans for our entire production, from ordering materials to final product to customer. Some post-processing such as removal of support materials, lacquering, etc. includes chemicals that require special handling of our personnel. Our environmental work is ongoing.

Our quality work

Our main success factor is satisfied customers. We must constantly work to get better. That’s why we are doing a comprehensive quality work based on ISO 9001, so we can make sure we work properly.

High demands on IT security

Our customers place high demands on how we handle their files and that we have a secure computer environment against intrusion. We also demand that we have high availability in our operating environment so that we can always be reached when it is in a hurry.

Therefore, we have carefully chosen Invid as a partner to fulfill a bank-based security that many of our customers demand. To enable this we have our own fiber from Invid to us, which means we are behind their firewalls. Invid has full control over our servers, software, protection and backup every day. Invid’s server hall is also fully UPS-protected against any power outages.

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