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3D Production with Brains - Rapid Prototyping.

What is it?

The biggest difference between us and other vendors of 3D production is not the number of printers, or how many different materials we can print with.

The second biggest difference is the people who work here. We are committed, curious, interested – and have expertise to provide you exactly what you want. Quick, easy, safe and affordable.

Digital Mechanics is an experienced innovator in 3D production, who constantly strives to develop the industry. We offer manufacturing companies access to our digital factory for rapid production of complex plastic and metal details.

The goal is for our customers to become more efficient in their own production. We always strive for long-term customer relations for the best possible quality and delivery precision. We have global delivery capacity and our ambition is to become a world-wide provider of smart digital production.

We want to make a difference.

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