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We make the impossible easy.

Digital Mechanics is your one-stop shop for complex prototypes and production. Quick and easy!

Your Digital Factory.

Welcome to Digital Mechanics! Here you have the opportunity to develop and produce complex details quickly and cost-effectively.

You decide what, when and how much.

You can quickly produce prototypes in over 30 different plastic materials (soft and hard). Of course, we help you with both technology and material choices. We have fixed prices per started cubic centimeter which makes it easy for you to budget.

We can 3D Printing. We guarantee that.

When we started Digital Mechanics in 2005, 3D printing was in its infancy. Today, we offer 3D production with an advanced machine park and the skills you need to streamline your production. Therefore, we always provide a delivery guarantee.

Problems. There is nothing we love more.

Working with the latest technology has its excitement. But what we are passionate about is problem solving. To help you with a CAD drawing, or to knock on a prototype, to provide tips and advice on how to streamline your own manufacturing, and to help you see the incredible possibilities of smart digital production – Some call it innovative. To us it is passion.

We have production 24 hours a year, all year round.

We always make sure that you will get the help you need. We deliver fast, right and all the time.


Most often, everything begins with an idea based on a problem of how a product / product should look or work.

Rapid production

Time is important and with 3D printing we can produce a prototype in the shortest possible time with the latest materials.


If you have an idea but no resource to get a 3D CAD model, we will be happy to help you with a fixed price.

Serial production

In serial production, it is first important to look at what requirements are made for the detail and the amount of detail you need.


Time for a first test, evaluation and to see how the item can be customized or improved. Now a prototype is needed!

Production Optimization

We are passionate about problem solving. We would like to provide tips and advice on how to optimize and streamline your own manufacturing.

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